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                         Live music for yoga classes, dinner music, outdoor venues, coffee houses, house concerts, festivals.

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Accompanying Traveling Musicians —  We can provide Drum, Bass, Piano, Back Up Vocals and/or Harmonium

Lotus Head has created and embodies the "Transcendental Lounge" genre.   Their highly unique music utilizes esoteric rhythms and mystical themes to assist the listener into a high vibrational state of mind.   They enjoy playing benefits, festivals, private and public shows!

Kirtan is a genre of music that embodies the essence of yoga in harmonies, melodies and vibrations. One of the best parts of kirtan is the audience participation. The audience becomes part of the band and brings the rich vibration of oneness as everyone sings together. Lotus Head embraces kirtan as their original backbone. The two main members of Lotus Head have been playing kirtan together since they met in February 2015.

Past and Present Experiences

Mindflow Radio Show — Live Music and Mindful Conversation (recorded in studio, monthly)

  • ·     Sunday Sadhana WDRT Viroqua 91.9 FM wdrt.org -- 8/2015-12/18

  • ·     Mind Flow Radio WDRT Viroqua 91.9 FM wdrt.org -- 1/19-Present

Lotus Head — Kirtan Music

  • ·     Tapestry Yoga Studio, Viroqua, WI -- Many Times J

  • ·     Tammy Z’s Yoga Studio, Lacrosse, WI -- 11/2017, 4/2019

  • ·     SuperCharge! Foods Madison, WI -- 8/2017, 5/2018

  • ·     Nokomis Yoga Studio, Minneapolis, MN -- 4/2016

  • ·     Eckhart Park Viroqua, WI -- 8/2017

  • ·     The Ark, Viroqua, WI -- 6/2017

  • ·     Yogatan, Roatan, Honduras -- 4/2017

  • ·     Kinstone Circle, Fountain City, WI -- 6/2019

Lotus Head — Transcendental Lounge Music

  • The Ark Center for the Arts, Viroqua, WI — 2019 

  • Eckhart Park Annual Harvest Parade, after-party, Viroqua, WI — 2017, 2018, 2019 

  • Madison Drum Circle, outdoor performance, Madison, WI – 2018

  • Gays Mills Coop, monthly dinner events, Gays Mills, WI —2017

 Accompanying Traveling and Local Musicians (hand drum, kartahls, backup vocals)

  • Temple of Light – 2017-2018

  • Aveen – 2018

  • Kirtan Path – 2018·   

  • Thunderhawk Tribe – 2017

  • Sakshi Zion – 2017 

  • Michael Dunn (weekly) — spring/summer 2016

  • Lauren Hunt (monthly) – 2015-2016

Lotus Head — Soundtracks

  • All IMI Videos, WDRT Mind Flow Radio Show

 We have collaborated musically with other kirtan bands, as well as performed at yoga studios, and led retreats including yoga, tai chi with live music. We can do a variety of our skills combined or be focused on one skill to share with your community. Lotus Head can put together a mini festival for your next event! Whether that be a team building day for your coworkers, a birthday party or a celebration of the seasons, Lotus Head can deliver a meaningful event! 

Here is an example of a 3 hour Mini Festival:

  • Gong Bath

  • Yoga lead by Jai Lynn — Gentle Yoga or Kundalini Yoga

  • Tai Chi led by Monte

  • Mindfulness Practical Application

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Musical Mindfulness/Kirtan by Lotus Head

  • Add ons at additional cost -- preparation, organization and travel to anywhere in the world!

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