What does it mean to manifest?

I feel that in every moment we hold a vibration which becomes the ripple of a manifestation.

Be mindful of what you feel at this very moment. Hopeful? Anxious? Curious? Inspired? Upset? There is much evidence to suggest that how we feel in our heart becomes present in our reality. It is possible to change how we feel. First, we have to acknowledge the true emotions that are running the show. I have had the experience recently of getting hurt by individuals. At first, I was very upset. But then, I remembered. The way to remain autonomous by someone who wants to dominate my energy is to forgive them and then be grateful for them. It doesn't matter who they are or what they have done. To cut the ties of blame, shame, and guilt frees you of the loop of energy that will only invite more of the same energy. To rise above it with gratitude is to be free! At the same time, in this gratitude it is possible to recognize the boons of gratitude. You may begin to realize the lesson available by the original conflict. Maybe it makes your boundaries stronger, compassion deeper, beliefs more clear. Maybe it helps you walk out the door, sign up for more education, or possibly reach out for support.

I encourage you to share your experiences here. Or we can move the discussion to facebook, wherever you feel most open. These are both private for members only. 

How can you see the opportunity hidden in a difficult situation? Do you have a special way of settling down after a conflict that helps you see the silver lining? 

Blessings on our journey! May we align with the whole being that we came to this world with. May we sense the direction through our lessons to abundant presence and rewards! May we manifest a world of compassion and adventure!

Taurus Grounding, Rooting In

As I write this, I am experiencing great change within my inner being. I am a Taurus Rising so this time of year is foundational for what I am creating as well as shedding. If you are experiencing foundational change, take a deep breath and buckle your seat belt! It's part of the process of personal evolution. Each year we grow and evolve. This year we have the unique opportunity of getting a sneak peak of the next 7 years. Every 7-8 years Uranus, a foundational change maker, moves signs. Uranus just changed sign into Taurus. So on top of the sun being in Taurus at this time every year a big change maker just stepped on the stage. 

At times like these, I like to picture what life can be like at the end of this cycle. In this instance, I look into the potential. What will I be like, if I do the work necessary to move closer into alignment with my soul and my soul purpose!? 

Take some time to feel into your deepest center. What are you rooted into? Is it sturdy? Do you resist change? Can you go with the flow? Can you shift your roots to grow into your center so you don't need outside stability to feel strong? Can you reflect into the things that are demanding you change your perspective? 

Now is your chance! You can be the mastermind behind the play in which you are the lead role. You are the director, writer, and star. But even so, there are curve balls. The director knows how to roll with the changes, push for excellence, and throw out characters that are not enhancing the show. 

Above all though, now is a time to be kind to yourself and others. When in doubt, ask yourself if anyone is getting harmed by your attitude or perspective. This will help you navigate new terrain. No one has to be hurt in the process of you claiming what you need and owning your authenticity. If someone is hurt but you feel like you earnestly did what you could to avoid subjecting pain, know that their reaction to you is their responsibility. 

Ready? Set? Plow forward! Set the ground, seed your dreams and be patient!


Neo Mindfulness March Theme -- Awaken!

Emerge! Awaken! Rebirth!

Feeling Spring’s new life flow through our veins as we begin anew this season. The seeds that have hibernated in the ground now swell as the soil warms. The transformation of seed to sprout is not necessarily pain free. The seed's skin breaks open as the sprout becomes plump and ready to set its little vulnerable roots into the earth. Pushing through the dirt, little by little to break through and feel the sunshine and the rainfall.

What in you is becoming plump and breaking through into a new chapter? How can you show up for yourself as you rebirth into your next phase of existence? As we open to this next season we make an intention. How can we get to know ourselves a little better, a little clearer? Sometimes, getting to know oneself can cause great irritation because this means that you are willing to see what are your faults and what is your baggage. But, the lighter side is we get to know our dreams better and see are qualities that help us to become stronger and more whole.

It is an adventure to say the least!

We have come together in this space to get to know ourselves in good company. We are all here hoping that we have come to the right place to understand our purpose and our path. But for a moment let's put that great big intention aside and sit in contemplation of the raw reality of what is now!

What would you like to start in this spring season? I like to accompany these deep transformations with the astrological wheel. I am not an astrologer but I am deeply entranced by astrology. I have been following it for many years. I feel that it is a great catalyst alongside mindfulness to help us transform. During these days of Aries, how can we seize the moment and make big strides in our own personal transformation? Ready to leap forward in great stride! This is a great time to assess our identity. How can we access our deepest truth? How can we observe our opinions so that we can be more impartial and see with more clarity? Questioning our self is a really great way to look for answers. We want to go on our transformational journey but first things first, where are we beginning from? Take time in these first few days of this emerging month to look at yourself and your life. Be open to see where you are at in your life at this time.

Mirror Meditation  

Look in a mirror, look into your own eyes. What do you feel when you see yourself? What do you love about your reflection? So there are two kinds of people, in this instance. There are the people who actually do love their reflection and can admire their own beauty, maybe too much? Then there are the people that feel very uncomfortable looking into the mirror. So, let's look in the mirror and see beyond our reflection. Look into your eyes, right into the pupils. Look deep into your own mind. If you are having a hard time focusing into both eyes focus one eye at a time. Check in with your breath. How deeply and fully are you breathing? Can you feel your ribs expanding all around? Focus back on your reflection. Is your jaw tight? Is your forehead creased? Try to relax and go back into the pupils. Give yourself a few moments. Take 10 breaths before moving back into your day. 


Over this month, take some time to look into your eyes. Get to know yourself. Who are you?