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“Do you want change? We believe that IMI's mindfulness training is that change! If you take the plunge, you will progress in leaps and bounds.”

— Lamont P. McPheron, MS, LPC, author of "The Mindfulness Handbook"

"A marvelous book. The best I have found in terms of usefulness for the layperson."

— Steven Benish, PhD, Psychologist"

We’re with you all the way …

Welcome to IMI!  We are with you all the way!

Climb the steps of mindful attainment with continuous support and solid skills. Build new habits to pave your way along this path towards awakening. If you are ready to change, grow, prosper, and see the world through a vivid lens, then it’s time to commit to this journey. 


We Specialize in Trauma Recovery ... We Collaborate Through Our Work As:  Mindful Podcasters. Transcendental Musicians. Authors.  Psychotherapist, Mindful Yoga Coach. Tai Chi Instructors. Mindful Living Course Creators and Educators.
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Mindful Yoga Coaching

 With Jai Lynn McPheron, LMT, E-RYT

Well steeped in the philosophy of yoga sharing mindfulness, yoga, and tai chi.

Overcome PTSD, depression and better manage anxiety.

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Mindfulness Therapy

With Lamont McPheron, MS, LPC

Combines Rogerian Theory, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and somatic therapy using tai chi practices and principals.


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“Our participants appreciate the focus on giving our busy minds a rest, and the useful tools to face our week's work in a new and more holistically healthful way. From simple reminders of all of the opportunities we have throughout the day to refresh the mind, to anecdotes about the latest science behind mindfulness training, to the actual exercises, the class serves us in many ways.” — Raven Stevenson, General Manager, Borah Teamwear

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Includes "The Mindfulness Handbook" and the "Thought Leader's and Teacher's Guide to The Mindfulness Handbook," so you can help guide others to a more mindful way of living. 

To this day, peers and I bring in mindfulness activities when things get difficult … I do feel calmer, more in control, and therefore resilient, with this practice … I wholeheartedly recommend Lamont and his work.” — C.D., Peer Support Specialist

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Mind Flow Radio Podcast

Enjoy honest, engaging conversations about mindful living. Plus, "Mindfulness on the Fly" techniques, guided relaxations, guided meditations — and live, original “transcendental kirtan fusion” music

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“We have been working with Monte and Jai Lynn for over 8 years now. This has been one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for my staff (not to mention myself). What has been taught during these weekly sessions has also become part of our daily routines … Our culture is more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive.”

— Chris Jackson, Owner, Borah Teamwear

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