The Mindfulness Handbook has the capacity to provide powerful insights for any seeker of a more balanced and meaningful life experience.” — Katie Fassbinder Getz, M.D., Psychiatrist

“A marvelous book. The best that I have found in terms of usefulness for the layperson.” — Steven Benish, PhD., Psychologist

“Our participants appreciate the focus on giving our busy minds a rest, and the useful tools to face our week's work in a new and more holistically healthful way. From simple reminders of all of the opportunities we have throughout the day to refresh the mind, to anecdotes about the latest science behind mindfulness training, to the actual exercises, the class serves us in many ways.” — Raven Stevenson, General Manager, Borah Teamwear

“We have been working with Monte and Jai for over 8 years now. This has been one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for my staff (not to mention myself). What has been taught during these weekly sessions has also become part of our daily routines … Our culture is more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive.” — Chris Jackson, Owner, Borah Teamwear

“After 20 minutes with Jai Lynn, I leave feeling more relaxed, focused and ready to take on the next challenge. I have learned a variety of simple exercises (physical and mental) that I put into practice throughout the week, whenever I feel myself getting a bit overwhelmed or when I just find a minute to reflect. It’s so easy, so beneficial and applies to all aspects of life.” – Karen H., Organic Valley

“When I come back to my desk, I’m thinking more clearly, able to see the big picture better, and am more effective.” – Mia S., Organic Valley

“Since adopting a mindfulness practice, I have noticed a lot of improvements on my health, some that I didn’t expect. It helps me manage my stress, which is good for my physical and mental health. It also makes me more productive and better able to make sound decisions. Best of all, mindfulness has made me a more peaceful and happy person” – Maggie B., Organic Valley

“Every time I make it to mindfulness class, it’s like hitting a reset button. I notice a drastic difference in anxiety, muscle tension, and chronic pain. Jai’s mindfulness class is much easier for me to engage in than seated meditation—her classes are almost always standing with gentle movement, and that really helps for those of us with wandering minds. I leave the class feeling inspired to be better in other aspects of my life—to choose calmness, to move more, to make better choices overall.”

– Amber M., Organic Valley

"A great mix of tools and experiences from sound immersion to yoga to mindfulness. Thank you for helping me remember to remember!" —D.A.

"Spent [this seminar] learning many techniques and new types of meditation. Exactly what I had hoped this would be. Very excited to have done this. Feels like a great accomplishment on my spiritual and mindfulness journey.”— J.H.

"This experience has planted different seeds of mindfulness that I plan on incorporating into my life. There are practicial tools that I can start using right away, along with long term goals and experiences that can be obtained at a later time as needed." — K.H.

"Mindfulness Immersion's retreat was a gratifying experience and terrific extension of my mediation practice. The sound immersion was breathtaking!!" — C.C.

“I am a graduate of the inaugural class. The training was remarkable! The teachers, Jai Lynn and Lamont, are dedicated, wise, kind, loving and humorous. 

The well-planned hours of training were blended between study, movement, meditation, and collaborative free-flowing conversation about "trancedental" subjects.

I would recommend this course to people who have interest in meditation, tai chi, yoga, kirtan, psycotherapy, psychology, and mind health. 

And, the Gong. The wonderous Gong!”

— L.S.

“Since training with Lamont, I have experienced insurmountable benefits towards clarity of mind and internal peace.

His grounded, neutral presence is something I haven’t felt in past teachers; this exemplifies his years of personal work towards attaining mindful presence.

He has both inspired, and trained me to become self-sufficient in mindful pursuits of every aspect of life.

His teachings have permeated my personal and professional life, and certainly have benefited those around me.

My internal state of mind has grown great clarity through anxieties, depressions, compulsive and unproductive thinking, addiction and sleeplessness.

Since meeting Lamont I now view, and treat others quite differently; my strongest gratitude is that his teaching has helped those around me experience increasingly grounded and happier impressions from my mind-body.

I highly recommend his teacher-presence for any individual pursuing improvements in quality of life, or any teacher looking to advance in mindful perspective.”

— N.G.

“Monte McPheron was invited to do an in-service at Independent Living Resources, a social service agency where I work. It was there, at the all-staff meeting, that I first heard him speak about, and lead the group in, daily mindfulness practices.

He spoke of a mental health continuum, with an anxious, ruminating mind at one end, and a calm mind at the other. He spoke of a way to break the rumination and bring more calm to the mind. Monte led us in mantra breathing, and movement with breathing activities. He encouraged us to slip into these activities throughout our day, at the grocery store, in our car, in the middle of the night when we have awoken. Whenever or mind was spinning or ruminating.

I work as a Peer Support Specialist within the Comprehensive Community Services program in rural Wisconsin. It is a team-based approach of recovery. Monte and I work on the same team. We do home visits and work with people in Medicaid who have been given a dual diagnosis. They are a delightful and wise group of people. At one point I asked Monte to share what he was doing with the peers. He suggested that I ask the peers to show me what mindfulness activities they were doing—in hopes that by teaching me the work would sink in even more. I did just that. Peers responded uniquely to the idea, but with most we did the mantra breathing and movement activities. They talked about when they use them, their struggles with motivation and the typical human issues to daily practice.

To this day, peers and I bring in mindfulness activities when things get difficult.

I have been in recovery for many, many years. My recent 'growing edge' is calming my ruminating mind and I use Monte's mantra breathing throughout the day and night. The mind is designed to habituate, and, I feel, even fights change, so this can seem like a relentless activity! But I do feel calmer, more in control, and therefore resilient, with this practice. Meditation, singing/chanting, sleep, exercise, diet, as well, all can bring nervous system change.

Many thanks to Monte for his work in helping us practice wholeness and wellness. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his work.”

— C.D., Peer Support Specialist

“The employees that participated in the class felt great benefits from the very beginning of the session. Jai has a wonderful understanding of all of the aspects of yoga and implements them in each session.” — Kristi Deaver, Kickapoo School District Administrative Assistant

“Jai provides a quality Mindfulness Yoga course where all levels of participants feel welcome. The numbers of the participants is a true reflection of the quality service she provides to the community and members of the Wellness Center.  They continue to come back again and again.” — Angie Dahl, Manager Vernon Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Center