The Mindfulness Handbook has the capacity to provide powerful insights for any seeker of a more balanced and meaningful life experience.”

— Katie Fassbinder Getz, M.D., Psychiatrist

“A marvelous book. The best that I have found in terms of usefulness for the layperson.”

— Steven Benish, PhD., Psychologist

We are all wildly powerful manifestors. This is our birthright. One way of viewing humankind is that we are mystical beings who are unaware of our latent manifesting abilities. Ignorant of our power, we wander around the earth creating both horror and beauty depending on our collective mind states.

Since our super human (manifesting) abilities are mostly unknown to us, we do not respect the power of our own minds. We usually don’t take our “mental diets” into account.  We have the tendency to engage in compulsive over thinking and many of us are judgmental. Overall, this creates an agitated mindset, which in turn creates disharmonious circumstances.

As humanity begins to mature, we will learn more and more about our innate abilities.  However, for now, attempt to understand the importance of the moment. Attempt to take responsibility for your thoughts and work on improving your culture in an organic and fruitful way – starting with improving your own mind. 

As you begin to tread on this path, life will become wondrous and fulfilling.


“The Mindfulness Handbook” explores cultural, ethical and theoretical aspects of mindfulness.

It clearly explains, through diagrams and text,

What mindfulness is,

How to develop an overall mindful lifestyle, and 

Why this is beneficial.  

The workbook section enables the reader to get into the habit of mindful living. 

Readers will learn “mindfulness on the fly” skills, empowering them to effectively navigate through our complex culture.

The book teaches specific skills for:

Using “focus words” to crush negative self-talk,

Elements of tai chi standing,

Mindful perception to reduce social anxiety, and

How to move towards discernment and away from judgment.

It also shines light on our “mental diets”, in our modern “information overloaded” culture.  

Readers will deepen both their theoretical and experiential understanding of mindfulness. 

”The Mindfulness Handbook” and workbook empower the reader to take the leap into a more mindful lifestyle.