Mindfulness Leadership Training 

Become a mindfulness leader in your community

150 Hour Course -- Online and In Person Blend


  • Mindfulness Theory

  • Mindfulness Lifestyle and Philosophy

  • Ethics

  • Anatomy of Mindfulness

  • How to be a Mindfulness leader

  • Mindfulness Skills -- Movements and Applications

Become A Certified IMI Meet-Up Facilitator and IMI Mindfulness Skills Instructor

Next In-Person Course will begin on October 27 (date to be confirmed soon). The in-person training will be available as an online course by the beginning of December. The certifications listed above will be divided into three sections! The first one -- Mindfulness Basics -- will be 100% online. This course is a blend of group zooms and one-on-one with your IMI mentor and homework. Please follow this link  Mindfulness Basics for more information.  Most likely the next courses will be in Madison and Viroqua WI. Mindfulness Basics is a 35 hour - 4 week course and is the pre-requisite for the following courses.

The second course on the certification path is Mindfulness Meet-Up Facilitator Training. Mindfulness Meet Up Leaders will be equipped with the knowledge of leading Mindfulness Meetup groups.  This training is a 65 hour - 13 week course.  There will be an in-person 2 day intensive along with on line training. The intensive will include a  review, live training and final practicum.  The training location will be decided by the beginning of this course.

The third and final course to complete our IMI Mindfulness Skills Instructor will consist of two - 3 1/2 day in-person intensives. The long weekends will be at the minimum of 4o days between. The first weekend will be a training of our IMI Mindfulness Skills movements, reviewing and divulging how to be a good instructor and facilitator, as well as how to start a class with business creation and entrepreneurial tips. The second weekend will be review, practicum and final exam. Between the weekends will be one zoom call with your IMI mentor. 

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