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Your mind

is the foundation of your life.

Mindful Lifestyle Coaching

with Jai Lynn McPheron, E-RYT

Developing a mindful lifestyle helps you be more physically, emotionally and mentally healthy!

Create your mindful lifestyle, with Jai Lynn’s expert coaching to help you through the challenges and strengthen your life skills.

Jai Lynn will work with you as a personal advocate and coach.

Uncover and navigate blocks, and create new habits to counteract deeply ingrained patterns that you are ready to let go.

Sessions often include a personalized meditation and homework to help you achieve your goals. This work is very transformative.

If you are ready for an internal reorganization, lets play!

Mindfulness Therapy

with Lamont “Monte” McPheron, MS, LPC

Lamont is a licensed psychotherapist who practices mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Sessions focus on practicing skills in the present moment, rather than delving into past experiences.

He has helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep issues and PTSD/trauma.

Lamont specializes working with individuals who really want to develop their emotional regulation skills, and who are committed to maintaining their mental well-being.

His clients find their purpose and are empowered to move towards their goals.

This service is available online, and in-person for residents of Vernon, Crawford, Lacrosse and Dane County in Wisconsin.

“If someone is willing to train, I’m their guy. They will see results” — Lamont

Mindful Yoga Coaching

Overcome and Recover from PTSD and Trauma, with Jai Lynn McPheron, E-RYT

Mindful Yoga Coaching is designed to create a personalized routine, a blend of breathing training, movements and mindfulness development practices for you.

This is an in-person service for individuals and families, who are residents of Vernon, Crawford, Lacrosse and Dane County in Wisconsin. (For online coaching see above).

These yoga practices are specifically created to assist each person in achieving their mental and physical goals.

Jai Lynn has over 1,500 hours of training, including certifications from Mindful Yoga Therapy, Warriors at Ease, and Global Family Yoga.

Comments from participants:

"Your guidance has improved my life!"

"Your voice is so soothing".

"I just relaxed like never before."

If you are interested in an in-person session, schedule an introductory call so we can learn about your goals and how we can work together.

Mindful Yoga Coaching Brochure CLICK HERE


“Monte McPheron was invited to do an in-service at Independent Living Resources, a social service agency where I work. It was there, at the all-staff meeting, that I first heard him speak about, and lead the group in, daily mindfulness practices.

He spoke of a mental health continuum, with an anxious, ruminating mind at one end, and a calm mind at the other. He spoke of a way to break the rumination and bring more calm to the mind. Monte led us in mantra breathing, and movement with breathing activities. He encouraged us to slip into these activities throughout our day, at the grocery store, in our car, in the middle of the night when we have awoken. Whenever or mind was spinning or ruminating.

I work as a Peer Support Specialist within the Comprehensive Community Services program in rural Wisconsin. It is a team-based approach of recovery. Monte and I work on the same team. We do home visits and work with people in Medicaid who have been given a dual diagnosis. They are a delightful and wise group of people. At one point I asked Monte to share what he was doing with the peers. He suggested that I ask the peers to show me what mindfulness activities they were doing—in hopes that by teaching me the work would sink in even more. I did just that. Peers responded uniquely to the idea, but with most we did the mantra breathing and movement activities. They talked about when they use them, their struggles with motivation and the typical human issues to daily practice.

To this day, peers and I bring in mindfulness activities when things get difficult.

I have been in recovery for many, many years. My recent 'growing edge' is calming my ruminating mind and I use Monte's mantra breathing throughout the day and night. The mind is designed to habituate, and, I feel, even fights change, so this can seem like a relentless activity! But I do feel calmer, more in control, and therefore resilient, with this practice. Meditation, singing/chanting, sleep, exercise, diet, as well, all can bring nervous system change.

Many thanks to Monte for his work in helping us practice wholeness and wellness. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his work.”

— C.D., Peer Support Specialist

Past and Present Work Experience

Supervising Mental Health Professionals (Lamont)

  • La Crosse County Human Services Department, La Crosse, WI — 2018-Present

Mindfulness Therapy Weekly Sessions (Lamont)

  • Community Comprehensive Services (CCS) — Department of Human Services, La Crosse, Vernon and Crawford Counties: in-home mindfulness therapy — 2016-present

  • Hidden Springs Clinic: in-home mindfulness therapy, Westby, WI — 2012-Present

  • Homme Home (juvenile treatment center), Neilsville, WI — 2000-2004

  • Taylor Home (group home temporary shelter for at-risk youth), Racine, WI — 1997-1999

Supervising Mental Health Professionals (Lamont)

  • La Crosse County Human Services Department, La Crosse, WI, 2018-present

Therapeutic Yoga Consulting (Jai)

  • In-Person Private Sessions, Viroqua, WI, 2016-present

  • Community Comprehensive Services (CCS), Department of Human Services, La Crosse, WI, 6/2019-present