Mindfulness is the state of being fully and vitally connected with the moment and with each other. It is to be in a place of vital aliveness. Intuitive effortlessness emanates from mindfulness.

To be a part of our Zoom Online Meetup, you need to either have wifi or reliable phone connection. This is a wonderful way to be comfortable in your own space and be a part of a group. Its easy to show up! Our meeting time is Thursdays at 8:30 pm CST. If this time isn’t good for you, please let us know that you want to be informed when we add another time.

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We have created a platform, with the help of modern technology, to meet in the comfort of your living room! To seize this opportunity, sign up for our email community or fill out the above form and you will receive the zoom link. This is a free gift for our community of people driven to transform their lives with the wisdom of self-inquiry through mindfulness. Each week, Lamont and Jai Lynn will hold space and guide the mindful experience.

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