Examples of workplace packages

  • Twenty minute weekly sessions covering utilitarian mindfulness techniques that can be applied throughout the day.

  • Quarterly one to three hour long lectures and workshops for individual departments or for managers.

  • Monthly mindfulness strategy consultations for individual managers.

Research supports mindfulness training for the workplace

Recent articles in Forbes Magazine and INC. explain how businesses benefit from mindfulness training.

Benefits of bringing mindfulness skills to your workplace

INCREASES -- harmonious interpersonal interactions - overall job satisfaction - robust immunity and overall health, (less sickness and dis-ease) - conflict resolution - focused workforce - contentment --

REDUCES -- anxiety - insomnia - general lack of focus  - immaturity - poor time management - lack of wisdom - substance issues and addiction to social media - ruminating on painful memories - excessive anger towards self and others - overall judgmental perspective - insecurity - indecisiveness - general lack of mental clarity --

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“Our participants appreciate the focus on giving our busy minds a rest, and the useful tools to face our week's work in a new and more holistically healthful way. From simple reminders of all of the opportunities we have throughout the day to refresh the mind, to anecdotes about the latest science behind mindfulness training, to the actual exercises, the class serves us in many ways.” — Raven Stevenson, General Manager, Borah Teamwear

“We have been working with Monte and Jai for over 8 years now. This has been one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for my staff (not to mention myself). What has been taught during these weekly sessions has also become part of our daily routines … Our culture is more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive.” — Chris Jackson, Owner, Borah Teamwear

“After 20 minutes with Jai Lynn, I leave feeling more relaxed, focused and ready to take on the next challenge. I have learned a variety of simple exercises (physical and mental) that I put into practice throughout the week, whenever I feel myself getting a bit overwhelmed or when I just find a minute to reflect. It’s so easy, so beneficial and applies to all aspects of life.” – Karen H., Organic Valley

“When I come back to my desk, I’m thinking more clearly, able to see the big picture better, and am more effective.” – Mia S., Organic Valley

“Since adopting a mindfulness practice, I have noticed a lot of improvements on my health, some that I didn’t expect. It helps me manage my stress, which is good for my physical and mental health. It also makes me more productive and better able to make sound decisions. Best of all, mindfulness has made me a more peaceful and happy person” – Maggie B., Organic Valley

“Every time I make it to mindfulness class, it’s like hitting a reset button.

I notice a drastic difference in anxiety, muscle tension, and chronic pain. Jai’s mindfulness class is much easier for me to engage in than seated meditation—her classes are almost always standing with gentle movement, and that really helps for those of us with wandering minds.

I leave the class feeling inspired to be better in other aspects of my life—to choose calmness, to move more, to make better choices overall.”

– Amber M., Organic Valley

Past and Present Experiences


Weekly Corporate Classes

  • Kickapoo Coffee — 2019-present

  • Borah Teamwear — 2010-present

  • Organic Valley — 2008-present

  • Bapee — 2009, 2010, 2011 


Speaking at Corporate Meetings/Retreats

  • Gundersen Hospital — Hospice Department — 2018 (Jai)

  • Organic Valley – Marketing Department — 2018

Speaking at Teacher In-Services

  • Westby School Teacher In-service — 5/2019, 8/2019 (Lamont)

  • Independent Living Resources (ILR) In-Service, La Crosse, WI — 2018, 2017 (Lamont)

  • Kickapoo Area Schools In-Service — 2017 (Jai)

  • La Crosse School Teacher In-Service — 2017 (Lamont)

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