IMI’s Mindfulness Basics Training course is perfect for professionals who are already working with clients

The Mindfulness Basics that we will cover in depth will be easy to adapt to your daily professional and personal life

This training is also the prerequisite for those who would like to pursue the full IMI Mindfulness Leadership Training.

Are you … 

  • Ready to enhance your professional and/or personal life?

  • A professional who would like to use mindfulness more effectively at work?  

  • Interested in becoming a mindfulness trainer and teacher? 

  • Inspired about having a new healthy routine?

If any one (or all) of these describes you, then this course is for you!

Subjects we will cover: 

  • Theory

  •  Application

  • Essential anatomy and physiology concepts

  • Pertinent evidence-based research

  • Mindfulness On The Fly” practices

In total this training will be 36 hours, which includes:

  •  A 6-hour personalized intensive session on a day of your choice (to be completed by December 15, 2019). We will provide guidance for how to use the 6 hours with a blend of meditation, mindful movement, relaxation, contemplation and journaling. We will be available to speak one-on-one with you to brainstorm the creation of your personal intensive.

  • Live meetings (1.5-2 hours each) weekly, for 12 weeks September 30-December 15, 2019. All meetings will be recorded, so it’s fine if you are available at a different time than when the live meeting is happening.

  • 6 hours of homework, to create the habit of being mindful in daily life.

  • A free Kindle edition of the course manual: The Mindfulness Handbook 3rd Edition by Lamont McPheron

After this training, you will see results!

  • Be empowered to use a variety of utilitarian mindfulness skills effectively in a professional setting.

  • Deepen your experiential understanding of mindfulness by learning “mindfulness on the fly” techniques.

  • Learn mindfulness theory, and how to apply this to therapeutic practice. 

  • Understand cultural challenges such as “information overload” and how to counteract this through regulating our “mental diets”.

  • Learn how to identify and reboot old unproductive thinking patterns. 

  • Practice specific techniques to quiet the chattering mind – (this is a great set of tools for improving sleep).   

  • Understand the ethics of mindfulness.  

We are very excited to offer this virtual live opportunity online. Our past offerings 2015-2019 have been in-person.

We would like to invite a wider audience for this foundational and life-improving training.

So here we are! We are all in this together. 

IMI Mindfulness Basics Training

36 hours - $300

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Your Mind

is the foundation of your life.