Who is this class for?  

Are you a professional who would like to use mindfulness more effectively at work?  Or are you interested in learning how to become a mindfulness trainer and teacher? Then this course is for you!

This course is designed to give you the mindfulness edge that will bolster both your professional and personal life.  

OUR NEXT BAsic TRAINING WILL BE live on zoom available anywhere with wifi this coming fall 2019.

The following schedule is our planned structure for this coming training:was our structure for the past training:

  • Sunday November 4, 2018 at the Youth Initiative High School in the Landmark Center 500 E Jefferson St, 3rd Floor, Viroqua, Wisconsin — 10 am - 5 pm — 6 hour training on Theory, Application, Anatomical Importance

  • One hour online meetings — November 12, 19, 26 and December 3 at 7pm on a format called Zoom. This time will be for absorbing more information and asking questions to clarify things that have come up for you.

  • A six hour experience on a day of your choice between the two in-person meetings. We will provide a guideline for how to use the 6 hours with a blend of Meditation, Mindful Movement, Relaxation, Contemplation and Journaling.

  • Saturday December 8, 2018 at the Youth Initiative High School in the Landmark Center 500 E Jefferson St, 3rd Floor, Viroqua, Wisconsin — 10 am - 5 pm — Six hour review/training, theory, application, anatomy.

  • In total this training will be 35 hours, 13 of which will be homework to create the habit of being mindful in daily life.

We are very excited to offer this in-person element as we create the online element for those who can’t travel to Viroqua. If you are able to come and experience this live in person training, you will be in for a very special treat. Our last in-person training was truly stabilizing, centering and lifestyle transforming for all of our participants.

This part of the training is perfect for professionals who are already working with clients. The Mindfulness Basics that we will cover in depth will be easy to adapt to your daily professional and personal life. This training is also the prerequisite for those who would like to do the full IMI Mindfulness Leadership Training.


  • This training will empower professionals to effectively understand how to use a variety of utilitarian mindfulness skills in a professional setting.

  • To deepen experiential understanding of mindfulness by learning “mindfulness on the fly” techniques.

  • To learn and apply mindfulness theory to therapeutic practice. 

  • To clearly understand cultural challenges such as “information overload” and how to counteract this through regulating our “mental diets”.

  • To learn how to be the “neutral observer” of the thinking process and how to effectively identify and reboot old unproductive thinking patterns. 

  • To learn specific techniques to quiet the chattering mind – (this is a great set of tools for improving sleep).  

  • To understand the ethics of mindfulness.  

IMI Mindfulness Basics Training - 35 hours - $300

If you need a scholarship, please inquire by filling out this form. 

 If you can, please donate to our scholarship to make this accessible to all people who desire this knowledge regardless of financial status. 

For more information on our full course Mindfulness Leadership Training to become a certified Mindfulness Meet-Up Facilitator and Mindfulness Skills Instructor, please follow this button.