What does it mean to manifest?

I feel that in every moment we hold a vibration which becomes the ripple of a manifestation.

Be mindful of what you feel at this very moment. Hopeful? Anxious? Curious? Inspired? Upset? There is much evidence to suggest that how we feel in our heart becomes present in our reality. It is possible to change how we feel. First, we have to acknowledge the true emotions that are running the show. I have had the experience recently of getting hurt by individuals. At first, I was very upset. But then, I remembered. The way to remain autonomous by someone who wants to dominate my energy is to forgive them and then be grateful for them. It doesn't matter who they are or what they have done. To cut the ties of blame, shame, and guilt frees you of the loop of energy that will only invite more of the same energy. To rise above it with gratitude is to be free! At the same time, in this gratitude it is possible to recognize the boons of gratitude. You may begin to realize the lesson available by the original conflict. Maybe it makes your boundaries stronger, compassion deeper, beliefs more clear. Maybe it helps you walk out the door, sign up for more education, or possibly reach out for support.

I encourage you to share your experiences here. Or we can move the discussion to facebook, wherever you feel most open. These are both private for members only. 

How can you see the opportunity hidden in a difficult situation? Do you have a special way of settling down after a conflict that helps you see the silver lining? 

Blessings on our journey! May we align with the whole being that we came to this world with. May we sense the direction through our lessons to abundant presence and rewards! May we manifest a world of compassion and adventure!