Taurus Grounding, Rooting In

As I write this, I am experiencing great change within my inner being. I am a Taurus Rising so this time of year is foundational for what I am creating as well as shedding. If you are experiencing foundational change, take a deep breath and buckle your seat belt! It's part of the process of personal evolution. Each year we grow and evolve. This year we have the unique opportunity of getting a sneak peak of the next 7 years. Every 7-8 years Uranus, a foundational change maker, moves signs. Uranus just changed sign into Taurus. So on top of the sun being in Taurus at this time every year a big change maker just stepped on the stage. 

At times like these, I like to picture what life can be like at the end of this cycle. In this instance, I look into the potential. What will I be like, if I do the work necessary to move closer into alignment with my soul and my soul purpose!? 

Take some time to feel into your deepest center. What are you rooted into? Is it sturdy? Do you resist change? Can you go with the flow? Can you shift your roots to grow into your center so you don't need outside stability to feel strong? Can you reflect into the things that are demanding you change your perspective? 

Now is your chance! You can be the mastermind behind the play in which you are the lead role. You are the director, writer, and star. But even so, there are curve balls. The director knows how to roll with the changes, push for excellence, and throw out characters that are not enhancing the show. 

Above all though, now is a time to be kind to yourself and others. When in doubt, ask yourself if anyone is getting harmed by your attitude or perspective. This will help you navigate new terrain. No one has to be hurt in the process of you claiming what you need and owning your authenticity. If someone is hurt but you feel like you earnestly did what you could to avoid subjecting pain, know that their reaction to you is their responsibility. 

Ready? Set? Plow forward! Set the ground, seed your dreams and be patient!