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Our mission is to empower you … through mind and body wellness.

IMI is an organization that is dedicated to promoting mindfulness. Through the use of cutting edge educational and artistic tools, we assist individuals, corporations and educators in achieving a state of mindful awareness. Our curriculum is designed to help deepen both theoretical and practical levels of mindfulness within our modern culture.

About Lamont McPheron MS, LPC, IMI Co-founder

Lamont is a licensed psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor, tai chi master teacher, author and musical composer. He is a mindfulness innovator, theorist and business leader. Lamont has dedicated 25 years of his life to intensive mindfulness training, leading numerous retreats and seminars throughout the years. In addition, since the early 90’s, he has pioneered a mindfulness-based approach in his counseling work; he is truly a vanguard of the mindfulness movement. Overall, Lamont views the mind as the foundation of all human endeavors and believes that the mindfulness movement will play a fundamental role in the evolution of our culture.

About Jai Lynn Kellum, IMI Co-founder, LMT, E-RYT, CBP

Jai Lynn Kellum is a charismatic leader, teacher and radio host. She has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) since 2008 and recently graduated to E-RYT (E=Experience). She specializes in emphasizing the mind, body and breath connection. Jai Lynn is the creator of IMI Yoga Chill, which incorporates: qi gong, gentle yoga, meditation, yoga nidra (deep guided relaxation) and live transcendental instrumental music. Jai is a musician, kirtan artist and composer. Her radio show, Sunday Sadhana, airs on the first Sunday of every month on WDRT 91.9fm and is streamed live on wdrt.org. Jai Lynn began her healing educational journey by completing Shamanic Practicum I and II as well as Rebirthing Breathwork in 2004. Additionally, Jai Lynn is trained as a Mindfulness Skills Instructor, Reiki master, and has a deep anatomical understanding from her training as a massage therapist. Her many accomplishments are based in deep spirituality and compassion. She is determined and devoted to self-discovery and self-healing disciplines. Jai Lynn shares her experience and skills with those who attend her classes, sessions, workshops, retreats and kirtans.

Cally Lynn Burton B.A., Director of Marketing, Editor

Cally Lynn is a compassionate marketing alchemist and writer/editor of conscious literature. In 2012, Cally earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies with an emphasis in eastern traditions from the University of Wisconsin. She is also an enchanting teacher and healing guide. Cally has practiced yoga and meditation for over ten years and was registered as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in 2008. She is also trained through the IMI Mindfulness Coach program. Cally incorporates elegant dance, kirtan chanting, and extensive knowledge of preventive holistic health practices into her teaching and guidance techniques. She is an experienced pilgrimage traveler and a life-long student of yogic science, herbalism, plant-based nutrition, and benevolent marketing. Cally Lynn seeks to guide through ancient and contemporary wisdom in order to assist individuals, couples, and groups in their self-healing process.

Gabriel Sharp — research analyst, cultural liaison, and technical specialist

Gabriel is a research analyst, cultural liaison, and technical specialist. He has worked in healthcare since 2008, and is currently enrolled in the IMI Mindfulness Coach program as well as a self-defense instructor training program. Gabriel resides in southwest Wisconsin.

Akshay Gavai – Principal Consultant

Akshay is passionate about business, technology, marketing, and sustainability. He has worked in the Corporate Sustainability space for several years and has recently transitioned to business consulting where he helps mission driven organizations succeed in all aspects of business management. He has experience with the Consumer Products, Software, Sharing, and Organic industries and has lived in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, cooking, and dancing!

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