About Lamont McPheron MS, LPC, IMI Co-founder

Lamont is a pioneer in the health and wellness industry. As a licensed psychotherapist and instructor of mindfulness and tai chi, he has integrated the three into a cutting-edge psychotherapy practice that has revolutionized the field.

Through 25 years of intensive mindfulness training and rigorous practical application, he has paved the way for others by developing a highly effective new mindfulness-based approach in his counseling work.

Lamont is co-founder and lead teacher of Integrated Mindfulness Institute. He is a leader in business, a theorist, and a peace innovator. Lamont stands tall as a true vanguard of the mindfulness movement today.


About Jai Lynn, IMI Co-founder, LMT, E-RYT

Jai Lynn is an experienced registered yoga teacher, mindfulness skills instructor, member of "LotusHead" and radio host. She has been gathering wisdoms of mindfulness since 2004. Her insightful understanding of anatomy and physiology informs her instruction of mindfulness skills to emphasize the mind body breath and energy connection. Jai Lynn is the curriculum creator and a lead teacher for IMI’s Mindfulness Skills Instructor Trainings. Her many accomplishments are built on the foundation of virtue and compassion. She is determined and devoted to self-discovery and self-healing disciplines. Jai Lynn shares her experience and skills with those who attend her classes, workshops, retreats, kirtans and "transcendental lounge" musical events. Her radio show, Mindflow Radio, airs on the first Sunday of every month on WDRT 91.9fm and is streamed live on WDRT.org.

If you would like to contact us please email mmindfulness@yahoo.com.